Staying Motivated


Why is a buddy system important when you’re attempting, or maintaining, a healthier lifestyle? It’s always more fun to do anything with another person whether it be your spouse, best friend or even your dog!  Yes, your dog because they love going for a walk!  I, myself, don’t get as excited as these furry animals when I am pushing myself to go for a walk!  They jump, bark and wag their tail to the point where it’s comical at times.

Let’s face it we’re all in the same boat when it comes to a healthier lifestyle.  We know what’s needed to lose a few pounds, it’s moderation, self-restraint, self-control, and self-discipline ~ it’s all the same thing!  

Taking classes with my buddy, Jeannette, helps me because I know she wants to get healthier as well and I don’t want her not to achieve her goals.  We all know it’s being held accountable but gosh it sure would be nice to ditch class and do something else. That something else may be having a Starbucks with a friend, or simply hanging out at home on the couch.  Any excuse will do just to skip that class! That’s where your buddy comes into the picture.

My friend, Jeannette, texts me, “What class tomorrow?”  I excitedly respond, “9:00 Pilates with Kandis”. This is great!  We’re signed up and we’re going to make it happen again! Morning rolls around and my brain isn’t awake, let alone, aware and it would be SO easy to skip; however, I know Jeannette will be at class and if I skip, I will hear,   “Gosh Kim I missed you at class”. Something subtle but yet it’ll keep bugging me.  Why? Jeannette committed because of me and yet I didn’t show up. What a great motivating factor and that is why you team up with someone.

As you take classes or go for more walks, drinking your water, and not your latte, you start to feel better and even sleep deeper!  It’s marked on your calendar as a doctor appointment and who cancels on their doctor?

Look around and reach out to someone who needs a little help to get or stay motivate or even someone who could use a friend.  A workout friend is perfect because you each have a goal - to get healthier. Together we’re on the same team!

Reasons why to have a workout buddy:

  1. Mental Health - It’s proven that mental health helps improve cognition along with social interaction.  Sure, it’s not a wine night out but you’ll still laugh helping to decrease stress hormones and boost immunity!  It’s hard finding time with your friends between family and work. A social life is very important.

  2. Motivation - Sometimes it’s easy to find an excuse not to workout no matter the justification but when you have a workout buddy you help one another to reach your fitness goals which improves your health.  Afterall we won’t find an excuse to ditch our friend, now will we? Especially when you give each other a high five after class!

  3. Competition - We all have a competitive nature which helps when you have a workout buddy naturally improving your performance level.  A workout partner motivates you to exercise as well as helping you achieve more while working out pushing you to the next level.   

  4. Achieve Goals Faster - Motivation from your friends will result in that extra push taking that next step, or taking a class when you’re just not feeling it.  Encouragement and persistence are shared between the two resulting in achieving your goals faster!

  5. Celebration - Achieving your goals is a proud moment and helping a friend achieve their fitness goals is even a better reward.  Now it’s celebration time together! Each milestone needs a celebration of some sort because You Did It!

Keep in mind you will slip up but your friend will get you back on track!  An added level of motivation and increased drive is exactly what we all need, so go ask a friend to be your workout buddy today and enjoy the journey!  


Kim Marsh/Owner-operator