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4 Simple Ways to Unwind at Night

Photo by  Maddi Bazzocco  on  Unsplash

It’s the end of a long day – you’ve had so much on your plate that all you want to do is get home to relax and unwind.

The only trouble is once you attempt to sit down and relax there’s a tidal wave of thoughts running through your mind. Things you didn’t finish today, the mountain of tasks already on your list for tomorrow – it’s never-ending!

How to Unwind at Night

Stress and anxiety is pretty much a facet of life now but it doesn’t have to take over. Here are four simple ideas you can implement into your daily routine that will help you unwind at night:

Exercise – Is it too hard to exercise in the morning? An evening workout relieves built-up stress and tension within the body. Pilates is wonderful for physical health as well as mental health (you get an hour to tune out those outside distractions!), making it beneficial inside the studio and throughout the rest of your day.

Be mindful – You spend all day problem-solving and getting things done. Even if it’s 10 minutes a day, spend time before bed to just be. Listen to your breath, enjoy a meditation podcast or just spend time outside enjoying fresh air without your phone or other distractions.

Take a warm shower – Before bed, hop into the tub or shower for a good, warm soak. Warm showers and baths have been proven to relax muscles and relieve stress, making them perfect before settling into bed.

Plan self-care time – Everything else is added to your calendar, why not schedule in some self-care time? Block out an amount of time you feel comfortable with in your calendar so you can stretch, meditate or just commit to hitting your favorite Pilates class!

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