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Does Pilates Boost Your Immune System?

Photo by  Form  on  Unsplash

Photo by Form on Unsplash

It’s that time of year again – pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters and yummy-smelling candles – which is one reason why so many love the cooler weather but there’s the inevitable downside that comes along with it: increased chances of catching the cold or flu!

Feeling under the weather is a real drag – not only does it make us feel yucky but it gets us out of a routine and then takes time to build strength back up and get on our feet. Luckily, in addition to the conventional methods of boosting the immune system (like wholesome diet, vitamins + minerals) there’s something else you can do to enhance your immune system: Pilates!

Pilates Moves for Boosting the Immune System

That’s right! Sticking to your weekly routine of Pilates classes encourages your body and lymphatic system to work at more optimal levels, increasing blood flow and stimulating the lymph nodes to do a better job at filtering things we want to keep out of the body’s system. Here are just a few Pilates moves you can do daily to keep your immune system in tip-top shape this season:

Spine curls
Knee circles
The hundreds
Side reaching
Arm and shoulder drops

Not sure how to do these moves? Check in with your Pilates X instructor for tips on how to do these moves properly at home and in the studio.

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