“Everyone is the architect of their own happiness.”

—Joseph Pilates


Pilates is a body conditioning routine that helps build flexibility, long, lean muscles, strength, and endurance. It puts emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment and breathing to relieve stress allowing efficient oxygen flow to muscles, developing a strong powerhouse (core) as well as strengthening the back. Pilates focuses on six principles that were developed by Joseph Pilates: breathing, concentration, centering, control, precision and flow. Pilates classes at Pilates X are performed on a mat incorporating our unique PX Wall™ apparatus in which springs are mounted to the wall providing resistance. A combination of the PX Wall™ along with other props including small hand weights, Pilates ring, toning, stability, Pilates balls, resistance bands and loops may be used in a typical class. Grip socks are required and available for purchase.

Pilates during Pregnancy - You may practice Pilates during your pregnancy, but please consult with a doctor first. Please alert the instructor before taking the class if you are pregnant so that appropriate modifications can be provided.

Pilates Sculpt

This class involves the principles and movements of a traditional Pilates class but is done at a faster pace and involves more reps per exercise. Music is more upbeat and the flow of class remains constant. Grip socks are required and are available for purchase.


This class involves the principles and movements of a traditional Pilates class while incorporating a blend of ballet-inspired elements. Barre Fusion often focuses on small, isometric movements delivering a full-body workout. Especially great for strengthening your core and toning your glutes and legs. Grip socks are required and are available for purchase.

POP (Principles of Pilates)

Joseph Pilates built his exercise system, first called Contrology, based around five basic principles: • Breathing • Concentration • Centering • Control • Precision. Tremendous benefits can be derived from a slower, more focused approach to the basic Pilates principles. The POP class focuses on the original set of exercises and principles as described in “Return to Life Through Contrology”, Joseph Pilates’ seminal work. The pace of the POP class will be slower and the menu simpler than most classes but it will not be easier. This class is challenging for students of all levels who want to learn how to implement the fundamental principles of Pilates. Grip socks are required and available for purchase.










The Pilates Reformer is a piece of equipment that provides resistance with a series of springs and ropes.  Once you have experience on a Pilates reformer you can then join class in a small group setting. Space is limited to 4 students allowing our instructor to correct and modify for all fitness levels and ages.  If you haven't been introduced to the Pilates reformer, a private session is required prior to taking a group reformer class. Socks are required. 

Movement Matters

A Pilates-based movement experience that seeks to deepen the connections between the body, mind and spirit. Using breath, meditation and basic human movement patterns, this class hopes to explore, push and eventually break the barriers we set for ourselves. Our past, our present occupation and our recreational activities can create imbalances and discomfort in the body, possibly leading to injury or disease. Health is what matters. Life is what matters. And because we must move to fully live, movement matters. Grip socks are required and are available for purchase.


Probably one of the nicest things you can do for your body is to incorporate regular stretching into your workouts. The benefits of stretching are many such as: increased flexibility and motion, improved performance in physical activities, increased blood flow to your muscles, improved posture and balance, heal/prevent back pain, stress relief, and help to decrease tension headaches. Stretching paired with a weekly Pilates practice will do wonders for your body. This class is instructed at a safe and moderate pace. All levels of flexibility are welcome. Grip socks are required and are available for purchase.


Cardio is an important part of any fitness regimen as it helps maintain a healthy strong heart and is key to weight management. This class keeps the heart rate up while focusing on strength and conditioning. You will sweat your way through sequences which are organized to maintain the challenge. This high energy cardio class incorporates among other props the use of stability balls, hand weights, resistance loops and bands, and body resistance. Pilates X offers Cardio classes to benefit overall body health and provide a well-balanced class offering. Athletic shoes are required.

HIIT Express

45 minutes of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). if you are looking for a quick, high energy cardio workout this is it! Athletic shoes required.