Everyone is the architect of their own happiness.

—Joseph Pilates

- Class descriptions-  


Pilates is a body conditioning routine that helps build flexibility and long, lean muscles, strength and endurance in the legs, abs, arms, hips, and back. It puts emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing to relieve stress and allow adequate oxygen flow to muscles, developing a strong core or center (tones abs while strengthening the back), and improving coordination and balance

Pilates focuses on 6 principles that were developed by Joseph Pilates. These 6 principles include: breathing, concentration, centering, control, precision and flow. You will notice that all of these things come into play during your Pilates practice.

Our Pilates classes are unique because of our Springwall  Apparatus. The springs are mounted on the wall which provide resistance to develop long and lean muscles.  

You may practice Pilates during your pregnancy, but please consult with a doctor first. Take a look at some of the moves and equipment available to you during pregnancy.


Power Pilates

Looking for a challenge? This is it! Power Pilates is a faster paced class that involves a few more reps than our traditional Pilates. This class is designed for people who are familiar with Pilates. 



PiYo® combines the muscle-sculpting and core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility of flowing yoga movements. You’ll use your body weight to perform a series of continuous, targeted moves to define every single muscle—big and small. No weights. No jumps.  You’ll get sleek, long arms; flat abs; a tight, lifted butt; and the confidence that comes from looking—and feeling your best. Shoes are not required.


Group SPX Reformer

The Pilates Reformer is a piece of equipment that provides resistance with a series of springs and ropes.  Once you have experience on a Pilates reformer you can then join class in a small group setting. Space is limited to 4 students allowing our instructor to correct and modify for all fitness levels and ages.  If you haven't been introduced to the Pilates reformer, a private session is required prior to taking a group reformer class.    


Sculpt X

Sculpt X is a blend of core strength conditioning, isometric movements and ballet at your Pilates station. We combine these principles into one class to sculpt, tone and leave you feeling invigorated.  All levels welcome. Sticky socks are required- we sell them if you do not have a pair.

PX 30/30

PX30/30 combines strength training and cardio back to back with a quick intersession between classes for those who would like to leave or arrive in the middle of class. Class is for all levels of fitness; exercises may be modified per individual needs.

PX30: Cardio | This quick 25 minute cardio class will get your heart rate up and burn the needed calories for the day. Class will consist of interval cardio training, set to fun, thumping music to keep you motivated. Class is for all levels of fitness; exercises may be modified per individual needs.

PX30: Strength | Challenge every major muscle using a variety of equipment, while burning calories. Exercises may be modified per individual needs.

Athletic shoes required.


Cardio Circuit

Cardio Circuit is a circuit training class with different stations for each person. This class keeps the heart rate up while focusing on strength. You will work every muscle in the body. Each station is about two minutes long with bursts of cardio in between each station. The results will include increased muscle endurance and lots of calorie burning. Athletic shoes required.  


Cardio Kick
High-energy cardio class using the big stability balls, weights, and kickboxing moves. You will not be using the Pilates X springs, but will still using the Joseph Pilates principle of keeping an engaged core throughout active movement. Athletic shoes required.