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John managed to keep up a very high level of activity and fitness into his mid-40’s. He competed in both artistic and acrobatic gymnastics, placing second in Men’s Pairs in the 1984 acrobatic gymnastics national championships. Then reality set in! For the next 20 years his nose was to the grindstone in a belated effort to secure a decent retirement.

When John finally retired in 2015 from “Working for a Living” and transitioned into “Working for a Life” he was determined to reverse the damage caused by the inactivity inherent in jobs where most of one’s time was spent sitting and interacting with computer screens. His motto for this next phase of his life was “65 going on 45”, a quest that has been largely successful. One of the most valuable tools in his arsenal for combating the effects of aging has been Pilates. John is new enough to the discipline to remember how it is to be new to Pilates while wearing a body that has endured the ravages of time, and has more than 30 years of teaching experience to draw on in his efforts to bring the Principles of Pilates (POP) to the masses.