Kandis was first introduced to Pilates in 2005 through the Dance Department at Long Beach City College. In order to be allowed to perform in the dance concerts, there were certain requirements expected of the dancers. One of those requirements was to take a technique class (in order to maintain strength and endurance) each semester in which the dancer planned to perform, along with all the rehearsal classes.

Kandis has been dancing all her life and she had experienced all forms of the basic technique classes which are usually ballet, jazz, and modern so she decided to try something different. That is how she discovered Pilates. That particular semester she noticed a major difference in the way she felt as she would dance and just go about her everyday life. The strength that began to develop in her core and back helped Kandis feel more in control of each movement. It also helped her to understand which muscles to properly use and engage in order to avoid injuries whenever possible. After seeing the difference in her own body and learning the classical method of the exercise, she was convinced that Pilates is something everyone can benefit from, not just dancers.

The dance director at Long Beach City College led Kandis in the direction to get certified for herself. She spent the summer of 2005 going through an intense certification course with BASI which covered the classical Pilates method exercises on each piece of equipment along with extra exercises that were geared specifically toward dancers. Learning all the different muscles and specific details of why Pilates is so beneficial made Kandis love it even more. Since she has been certified, Kandis has been teaching at different studios trying to get as much experience and knowledge as she can. She is always willing to learn more because the method is always advancing and she believes there is always another level that can be reached in Pilates. Kandis was with us when Pilates X first opened.