Meghan Boylan, B.S. Psychology & Nutrition, M.S. Exercise Science

Meghan has been training clients for over a decade and has always had a passion for healthy living. Meghan’s experience and knowledge as a trainer has been developing since her days of soccer, dance and junior lifeguards. She has had the opportunity to help hundreds of people reach a variety of goals from general health and wellness to athletic endeavors. Personally, Meghan has participated in over 100 events since 2001. She’s participated in everything from triathlons to marathons to align herself with her healthy living goals. As a trainer, she has taught classes in spinning, water aerobics, and most recently acquired a certification as a yoga instructor. Meghan specializes in creating fun and effective programs specifically tailored to her clients’ needs. Whether you’re looking to gain strength, flexibility, or lose weight, she can help you achieve your fitness goals!