Meet your Instructor - Maggie Grove

Maggie began her yoga journey over 15 years ago while living in New York City. She had a successful career as an actress, working along side actresses such as Chloe Seivgny and Mischa Barton to name a few.  But there was an inner longing for something more. Maggie came down with a virus that took over her body for several weeks. The virus was diagnosed as stress induced.  This led Maggie to her first yoga class. Such clarity and peace came to her that she never turned back. She has guided numerous women through childbirth for over 10 years. Maggie then began teaching Prenatal Yoga, Mommy & Me Yoga, and Power Yoga in Santa Monica & Yoga West among various other studios.Yoga has remained the one constant in her life.  Yoga is her lighthouse...continuously bringing her back to her inner light and strength. Maggie is honored to guide you on your yoga journey.

Come Join us every Saturday at 11am for Pre/Postnatal Yoga and at 12pm for Mommy & Me Yoga!



Can I do Pilates or Yoga while I'm pregnant?

- Absolutely! We do highly recommend getting it approved by your doctor as every pregnancy is different. We also recommend starting out with a private session before you go into a group setting. During the private session you will learn what you can and can not do during your pregnancy. 

Will Pilates or Yoga help me during my pregnancy? 

- Yes! It is a wonderful routine to adopt while pregnant because it it a gentle, low impact workout. Pilates and Yoga will help strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles which will help you both in everyday life and delivery. 

Looking to get back into your fitness routine? We have an exclusive postnatal package that includes 3 months of unlimited classes for $350. Click below to purchase! *No group reformer classes.