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5555 E Stearns St. Ste 108

Long Beach, CA 90815

5555 E Stearns St
Long Beach, CA 90815



- Testimonials -

I have been a member of Pilates X for over 2 years now. I NEVER exercised before! I love doing Pilates! I have lost 25 pounds and feel great! The staff and teachers are wonderful. All of the other members are great too! And best of all, everyone is so down to earth and approachable for help. The price is very reasonable as well. - DV Long Beach, CA

"I have to say that after coming here for the last three months, I am officially obsessed. I came here looking for private reformer sessions, and was referred to Lahni. On my first days, I could barely make it through a full series of motion on the machines. I was lethargic, lazy, and lacking motivation. I have now completed almost 30 private reformer sessions with Lahni and am shocked and amazed every day by how much I am growing with my core strength and stability. Also, speaking of growing, did I mention I'm shrinking? I've lost upwards of 10 inches and 10 pounds across my entire body. I would highly recommend. 100%. All day every day. The studio itself is SPOTLESS... With a warm and inviting staff that makes you feel entirely welcome every time you're there."
-Anthony S / Los Angeles, CA

"I started going to Pilates X 2 1/2 years ago. Having three children I have already dropped most of the baby weight but my body was just not the same. After 3 months I really started noticing a difference in my body. Not only was I more toned but my back wasn't bothering me as much because my core was gaining strength. I have NEVER been a workout queen, ever. Pilates X has completely changed that!! Not only do I do Pilates 3-4 times a week I am also running 5ks and enjoying a healthy lifestyle"

- Kelli G / Seal Beach, CA

 "Pilates X kick started my metabolism and my own desire to work on losing weight. I started in March and immediately began to lose weight and inches. At first I lost a pound a week ... Perfect. At this point in time I have gone from a size 12 to a size 4. I now have a waist and actually love my body. I recommend going to Pilates X. It's really quite addictive in a good way!"

- Lisa R / Long Beach, CA

"I've not only seen a difference in my body, I've also made great friends. The owners are the best! Every instructor has different techniques, methods & moves to give your body the overall total workout! Great for body and mind. 

- Kristy O / Orange County, CA

"I'm a Pilates addict nowadays and if I would only have one more day I'd spend it here, work gets in the way ... Long story shore: Thanks Pilates X for keeping me in such fab shape for the best price"

- Roxana C / Signal Hill, CA

 "When I started classes, I had no idea what transformations were going to take place in my body. In three months, I dropped two clothing sizes, felt increased energy and stamina, and no longer experienced lower back and neck pain. I averaged 3-4 classes per week"

- Jackie A / Long Beach, CA

"I hate exercise. Hate it. If there was a machine that could exercise for you. I'd be the first in line to get it. With that said, I have to admit that Pilates X makes exercising relatively painless. Everything is made a simple as possible: there's only one room so there's only one class at a time (including a wall of reformers that look like medieval torture devices) so all you have to do is walk in, grab a mat and get started. As far as Pilates and Yoga classes go, this place is pretty cheap"

- Mimi L / Long Beach, CA

 "I'm no longer a gym rat since joining Pilates X! Pilates X has revolutionized my workout routine. Moreover, it is affordable and flexible!" 

- Melinda W / Long Beach, CA