5555 E. Stearns St. #108 Long Beach, CA 90815

My husband and I decided to open a Pilates Studio in 2009 to bring more awareness to the practice of Pilates. We raised our kids in the neighborhood just blocks away from our studio, so we knew it was a great spot to share with our neighbors! Our goal was to create an environment where people could learn more about Pilates without feeling intimidated. My husband had back surgery and we feel if he practiced Pilates, he may have been able to avoid the surgery because of its benefits. 

Many people just want to start living a healthier life style and don’t want to go to the gym, so we’ve expanded to help others not only to learn about Pilates but how to focus on healthier choices. We’ve created a feeling of warmth within our Pilates X Studio family because of those who take classes and our staff!  

-Kim and Bob Marsh